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Utilities are billed quarterly

Water Rates

Water Base Charge per quarter
5/8 & 3/4 Meter-----------$18.00
1" Meter-------------------$24.00
2" Meter-------------------$48.00
Stand by charge-----------$10.00
Additional Meter Charge----$9.00

Water Usage per thousand gallons
Less than 50,000 gallons---------$ 3.03
50,000 or more gallons-----------$ 2.25

Sewer Rates

Sewer Base Rate
1 Unit--------------------------$44.00
3 or more units per building---$35.00

Sewer Usage per thousand Gallons
All Usage-----------------------$ 2.70

Garbage Collection Rates

Garbage Collection per quarter----$27.50

Hydrant Maintenance Fee

Hydrant Fee per quarter--------$29.85

Hookup Charges

Water Hookup----------$355.00
Sewer Hookup----------$370.00