Economic Development

South on 130 entering Lone Rock

Mission statement: Formed in 2019, the Lone Rock Economic Development Committee is a group of community volunteers, made up of citizens, community leaders and business owners who focus on coming together to discuss ideas and make recommendations about how to make Lone Rock become a better place to live, visit and work.

Lone Rock Comprehensive Plan 2021-2031

Next Meeting: Monday, November 30

At the Village of Lone Rock office, 6:00 PM. Lone Rock residents and business owners are encouraged to attend.

TIF-TID District Update: 

We are pleased to announce that the village board approved going into a TIF-TID Distict application process in Lone Rock at the September board meeting. This application process is being coordinated with the help of the Southwest Wisconsin Regional planning commission. Their role is to complete the application that will be submitted to the state for approval. Here's an update on the status of the application:

-- The application will take about 6 months to complete and be ready to submit to the State, about April, 2024.

-- Developers who are interested in developing are encouraged to prepare a developers agreement as well as a drawing or plan describing in detail plans for development. These will need to be submitted and approved by the Lone Rock Planning & Zoning Commission.



Mary Litviak, Committee Chair, VLR Trustee

Pat Christianson, Resident

Sandy Creasey, Resident, Vice-President, Lone Rock American Legion Auxiliary #383

Lisa Evans, Resident, local developer

Elizabeth Gieck, Secretary for the Lone Rock Fire Department, the Lone Rock Economic Development Committee and the Planning & Zoning Commission

Christa Quinn, VLR Staff, Lone Rock EMS

Dan Quinn, Lone Rock Village President, Captain, Lone Rock Fire Department

Millie Rott, Chair, Lone Rock Planning & Zoning Commission, President, Lone Rock Historical Society

Community Partners

Troy Maggied, Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission –

Stef Morrill, River Valley Commons –

Jasen Glassbrenner, Director, Richland County Economic Development -

Who can join the committee?

Lone Rock residents, civic leaders, partnering organizations and business owners who are interested in taking part in talking about ideas and new opportunities for growth in Lone Rock are encouraged to attend. This group is also open to venues for local meetings and learning opportunities on various topics.


Since 2019, this group has helped moves some big things in our community: 

  • In 2021, with support of the village board, we partnered with the Richland County Economic Development Agency to win a Federal grant to purchase, then clear, the center lot in town and convert it to a public park area. The park features a sidewalk that runs to the old high school building, commemorating all the students spanning over 100 years who walked on it to go to and from school. Additional parking has also been placed across from the community center.
  • In 2022, the board approved the Lone Rock Alumni Committee to erect an archway “memorial” that will be placed over the new sidewalk, just East of the community center building.
  • Over a year in the making, the committee sponsored the renewal of the Lone Rock Comprehensive Plan (scroll down and find Lone Rock under Richland County.) It was formed with the incredible help of the staff at the Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. Data was collected with the feedback that was provided by residents during interviews and meetings in 2020 and 2021. The committee continues to work to provide vision of meeting the goals in this plan, and will work subsequently with village leadership to accomplish those goals.
  • We have the privilege of working with local people and organizations who we partner with us to further expand our reach to build relationships and also help others back. One of those organizations is the River Valley Commons. The RVC has also worked hard to partner with Lone Rock to stay in touch with community initiatives, exchange ideas, and also provided an enormous amount of support during the Lone Rock 4th of July Celebration.
  • Feedback from this committee was plentiful in providing the support for a renewed Lone Rock Village website. In 2022, the village board approved the redesign of the website which is now featured here and includes an economic development page that links visitors to information about our local businesses, village land for sale and regular topics of discussion and projects. 
  • Approved for TIF-TID District funding to expand our development of new homes and businesses.

To view committee documentation, visit the Agendas & Minutes page.


If you are a Lone Rock business and want to post your information here, please email Mary Litviak at [email protected].